We’ll be at [DoujinGame.Fes 9] Oct 7th!


Hi everyone,
Atelier Melon-Kissa is waiting you at
the Indie/Doujin Game event 【Doujingame.fes 9】
which takes place Oct 10th in Osaka Nippombashi!


Our Lineup:
【New】『Toricky』Package ver.(DVD)~2000JPY~(Bonus:Princess Kaguya Badge)
『Toricky』Download Card~1500JPY(Standard Price)~


Toricky Trailer:

The event’s entrance is free.

Event Website: Doujingame.Fes Website
Date:2017/Oct/7(Saturday) 12:00~16:00
Location:Pollux Theater(Osaka-shi Naniwa-ku Nihonbashi 4-14-3)
Entrance Fee: Free
Cirlce Number:25
Cirlce List: Doujingame.Fes Circle List
Organizer: 関西同人ゲーム制作者交流会
Sponsor: Unity Technologies Japan

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